The Computational Linguistics R&D at Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies J.N.U., started since 2002 under the supervision of Dr. Girish Nath Jha. We are doing R&D in several areas of language technology for Sanskrit and other Indian languages. Our current focus is on developing Sanskrit analysis tools for building Sanskrit - Hindi Translator (SaHiT).   So far, the following tools and resources have been developed -

Lexical Resources
Online Multilingual Amarakosha (बहुभाषीय अमरकोश)
Mahabharata Search (महाभारत अनुक्रमणी)
Bhagvadgita ebook and Search श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता अनुक्रमणी)
Ayurveda Search (आयुर्वेद-अनुक्रमणी)
Brhadaranyaka Upanishad Search (बृहदारण्यकोपनिषद् अनुक्रमणी)
Indexing System for Mainstream Texts (वेदांत अनुक्रमणी)

Corpora and related tools
ILCI Corpora project
Tagsets/annotated corpora
Raw corpus - current Sanskrit prose
ILCI Parallel Corpora Tool
ILCI Monolingual Corpora Tool
Politeness Annotation Tool

Language Processing Tools
Named Entity Recognition System for Sanskrit (संस्कृत नामपद परिचायक)
Sanskrit Text To Speech (TTS) System (संस्कृत संवाचक)
Indian Language Transliterator ( भारतीय-भाषा-लिप्यन्तरक )
Sanskrit Morphological Analyzer(पद-विश्लेषक)
Sandhi Splitter (संधि विश्लेषक)
Sandhi Generator (संधि-निर्मापक)
Subanta analyzer (सुबंत विश्लेषक)
Subanta Generator(सुबंत-निर्मापक)
Tinanta analyzer (तिङन्त विश्लेषक)
Tinanta generator (तिङन्त-निर्मापक)
Maithili Tools (मैथिली-भाषा-उपकरण)
Marathi Noun Stemmer (मराठी संज्ञापद विश्लेषक)
Kridanta Analyzer (कृदन्त विश्लेषक)
POS tagger (पद-परिचायक)
Sanskrit Consortium POS tagger (संस्कृतसंकाय पद-परिचायक)
Sanskrit Anaphora Resolution System (संस्कृत पद-सम्मेलक)
Karaka analyzer (कारक-विश्लेषक)
Gender Recognizer and Analyzer for Sanjna Pada (GRASP)

Sanskrit Homonym Analyzer (संस्कृत अनेकार्थ-विश्लेषक )
Hindi Homonym Marker (हिन्दी अनेकार्थ-विश्लेषक)
Great Andamanese Verb Analyzer (अंदमानी किया-विश्लेषक)
Russian-English Divergence Marker- (रूसी-अंग्रेज़ी-भाषांतर-अंकक)
Upcoming Seminars
  • 1st International Conference On Ayurvedic Science & Technology (ICOAST) HAS BEEN POSTPONED. NEW DATES WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER

    Recently organized seminars
  • 2nd International Workshop on Indian Language
    Data: Resources & Evaluation May 26, 2014, Rekyjavik, Iceland

  • 21st International Vedanta Congress (@U.Mass.D, USA), July 11-14, 2013
  • International seminar on Language and Power (April 6-7 2013 at JNU Convention Center)
  • 20th International Vedanta Congress Dec 28-31, 2011

    Multimedia & E-learning
    Sanskrit Multimedia & e-learning

    Currently sponsored projects
    The Sharada Project
    Projects done by students

    Student Activity
  • Sanskrit Students Conference
  • Vagvardhini and related activities
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