The Computational Linguistics R&D at the School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies, J.N.U., started since 2002 under the supervision of Prof. Girish Nath Jha. We are doing R&D in several areas of language technology for Sanskrit and other Indian languages. Our current focus is on developing Sanskrit analysis tools for building Sanskrit - Hindi Translator (SaHiT).   So far, the following tools and resources have been developed -
Lexical Resources
Online Multilingual Amarakosha (बहुभाषीय अमरकोश)
Mahabharata Search (महाभारत अनुक्रमणी)
Bhagvadgita ebook and Search श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता अनुक्रमणी)
Ayurveda Search (आयुर्वेद-अनुक्रमणी)
Manuscript Search (पाण्डुलिपि खोज-पृष्ठ)
Raghuvamsham Search (रघुवंशमनुक्रमणी)
Brhadaranyaka Upanishad Search (बृहदारण्यकोपनिषद् अनुक्रमणी)
Indexing System for Mainstream Texts (वेदांत अनुक्रमणी)

Corpora and related tools
ILCI Corpora project
Tagsets/annotated corpora
Raw corpus - current Sanskrit prose
ILCI Parallel Corpora Tool
ILCI Monolingual Corpora Tool
Politeness Annotation Tool

Language Processing Tools
Politeness Recognition Tool for Hindi (शिष्टता-अभिज्ञान-उपकरण)
Sanskrit Text To Speech (TTS) System (संस्कृत-संवाचक)
Named Entity Recognition System for Sanskrit (संस्कृत नामपद परिचायक)
Indian Language Transliterator ( भारतीय-भाषा-लिप्यन्तरक )
Sanskrit Morphological Analyzer(पद-विश्लेषक)
Sandhi Splitter (संधि विश्लेषक)
Sandhi Generator (संधि-निर्मापक)
Subanta analyzer (सुबंत विश्लेषक)
Subanta Generator(सुबंत-निर्मापक)
Tinanta analyzer (तिङन्त विश्लेषक)
Tinanta generator (तिङन्त-निर्मापक)
Maithili Tools (मैथिली-भाषा-उपकरण)
Marathi Noun Stemmer (मराठी संज्ञापद विश्लेषक)
Kridanta Analyzer (कृदन्त विश्लेषक)
POS tagger (पद-परिचायक)
Sanskrit Consortium POS tagger (संस्कृतसंकाय पद-परिचायक)
Sanskrit Anaphora Resolution System (संस्कृत पद-सम्मेलक)
Karaka analyzer (कारक-विश्लेषक)
Gender Recognizer and Analyzer for Sanjna Pada (GRASP)

Sanskrit Homonym Analyzer (संस्कृत अनेकार्थ-विश्लेषक )
Hindi Homonym Marker (हिन्दी अनेकार्थ-विश्लेषक)
Great Andamanese Verb Analyzer (अंदमानी किया-विश्लेषक)
Russian-English Divergence Marker- (रूसी-अंग्रेज़ी-भाषांतर-अंकक)
Upcoming International Seminar
  • 7th Workshop on Indian Langauge Data: Resource & Evaluation, 25 May 2024, Lingotto Congress Centre, Torino (Italy)

    Recently Organized Seminar
  • 6th Workshop on Indian Langauge Data: Resource & Evaluation, 20 June 2022, Le Palais du Pharo , Marseille (France)

    Download WILDRE-6 proceedings here

    Previously organized seminars

  • 1st Online International Webinar on "Academia Industry Interface for Indian Language Technology - Ai3LT", July 20, 2020 (12-2pm))

  • 1st Online National Workshop on "Digitization and Development of E-resourcrs for Sanskrit", May 27-31, 2020 (jointly organized by JNU and DU through online mode))

  • 5th Workshop on Indian Langauge Data: Resource & Evaluation, May 16, 2020, Marseille, France (rescheduled to May 24, 2020 through online mode)

    Download WILDRE-5 Proceedings here

    2019 and earlier

  • 1st International Conference on Sanskrit and Other Indian Languages Technology (SOIL-Tech), Feb 15-17, 2019, JNU, New Delhi
  • 4th Workshop on Indian Langauge Data: Resource & Evaluation, May 12, 2018, Miyazaki, Japan
    Download WILDRE-4 Proceedings

  • International Workshop on Language Technology for Less Resourced languages, Poznan, Poland, Nov 15-17, 2017
  • International Veda Conference, JNU, Dec 15-18, 2016
  • One Day National Seminar, JNU, Oct 08, 2016
  • 3rd Workshop on Indian Langauge Data: Resource & Evaluation, May 24, 2016, Portoroz, Slovenia
    Download WILDRE-3 Proceedings

  • 22nd International Congress On Vedanta (22Vedanta) 27-30 December, 2015
    Covention Center, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

  • 2nd International Workshop on Indian Language Data: Resources & Evaluation May 26, 2014, Rekyjavik, Iceland
    Download WILDRE-2 Proceedings

  • International seminar on Language and Power (April 6-7 2013 at JNU Convention Center)

  • 1st International Workshop on Indian Language Data: Resources & Evaluation May 21, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
    Download WILDRE-1 Proceedings

    Multimedia & E-learning
    Sanskrit Multimedia & e-learning

    Currently sponsored projects
    The Sharada Project
    Projects done by students

    Student Activity
  • Sanskrit Students Conference
  • Vagvardhini and related activities
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