Politeness Recognition Tool (PoRT) 1.0

This tool has been developed as part of a doctoral work by Ritesh Kumar under the supervision of Prof Ayesha Kidwai from Center of Linguistics and Prof. Girish Nath Jha from School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies, JNU. The thesis titled Politeness in Hindi Online Texts: Pragmatic and Computational Aspects classifies a Hindi text into one of the four categories - Neutral, Appropriate, Polite and Impolite - using SVM and C 4.5 classifiers and dictionary look-up methods. Multiple documents can be entered in the text box for analysis, separated by two strokes of enter/return key.Since the tool is continuously improving, the results here may vary a little from that mentioned in the thesis.

For suggestions and comments mail to ritesh78_llh@jnu.ac.in  or   riteshkrjnu@gmail.com

Enter Hindi text in Devanagari Script (UTF-8)