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4th International Sanskrit Computational Linguistics Symposium
J.N.U. New Delhi (Dec 10-12, 2010)

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Full papers are invited in the following areas -

  • Lexicographic traditions in Sanskrit and their computational representations and database modeling (including relational structuring of textual data, XML and RDBMS), wordnets, ontological databases and other syntactico-semantic models of lexical resource-building

  • Annotated written text corpus for Sanskrit – including POS tagging, chunking, syntactic tree-banks, discourse and sense annotation, digitization of texts

  • Annotated Speech corpus for Sanskrit including phoneme lexicon, analysis and generation techniques for spoken Sanskrit texts

  • Morphological and syntactic parsing, formal grammar models, Paninian, Nyaya-Vaisheshika and Mimamsa models of language analysis

  • Ambiguity resolution techniques in Sanskrit at sub-sentential, sentential, and discourse levels

  • Machine Translation from and to Sanskrit including comparative linguistic and divergence studies

  • Simulation of the Paninian grammar, its cross linguistic application on Indo-European family and other typologically related families

  • OCR and other image processing technologies for printed texts and manuscripts