Online Multilingual Amarakosha

Amarakosha, the Sanskrit thesaurus developed by Amarasinha in 4th CE has influenced modern lexicographic techniques in quite the same way as Panini has done to generative linguistics. There have been attempts to put the text of Amarakosha online or in digital formats. But there has been no attempt to create a version of this work which not only lets user interactively build Unicode database but also lets them search and test and do text analysis based on Amarakosha.

This project called Multilingual Online Amarakosha (OMA) was funded by UGC under UPOE program. It has a Java-JSP front-end and SQL server as backend. The system has the following features -

  • facility for online data entry/editing by language experts
  • includes Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Bangla, Oriya, Assamese, Maithili and English.  Scope for other major Indian languages
  • multilingual data is being stored in Unicode
  • stores up to 50 synonyms with category, gender, number information and detailed glosses
  • cross-referencing among synonyms
  • search capability in the supported Indian language
  • ontology display

  • Near future enhancements include

  • a multilingual interface
  • selective data export in the user defined format
  • smarter search engine
  • text processing