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1jk chandra sekharindia I found a mistake in searching for maghonah in karaka visleshana. Please try to rectify.
3suresh kumar chouhanindia I AM HAPPY TO SEE THIS SITE
4HarishIndiaAs I remember, सम्बोधना एकवचन for आकारान्त स्त्रिइलिङ्ग "रमा" should be "रमे", not "रमा".. Can you please clarify and correct it?
5ravi kant tiwariindia nothing.........
6kalidasthakerIndiaimprassive efort for Devbhasha
7OmkarIndia Such Software tool are very good but need to improve as time goes.
8OmkarIndia Such Software tool are very good but need to improve as time goes.
9Omkar DhekneIndia Such Software tool are very good but need to improve as time goes.
11Nishtha JaiswalIndia 
12SURYANARAYANA JOIS KIGGAभारतम् You are really doing a good job.I hope soon we can see machine translation of Sanskrit
13sarvesh tripathiindiai am very glad TO SEE your incredible hardwork for our mother "sanskrit" i cant tell that how much i am happy. you all are are great. keep it on. "JAYTU SANSKRITAM"
14klpavanIndia i am very happy to say you.
15klpavanIndia i am very happy to say you.
16satrudra prakashIndia Best of luck for this great work. You will must be success to return Sanskrit with its Splendor..
19Suchitra PrasadIndia वृञ् (वरणे, क्र्यादिगण, आत्मने, लट्) there is a mistake in bahuvachana - it should be vRNate (not vRNante)
20chintanUAEgreat efforts...
22Boris MarjanovicUSA 
23sushil kumar srivastavaindia INTEND TO JOIN YOU
24Devendra Singh RajputIndia An Great work in Sanskrit and Computational will give a new technique for Sanskrit study, and also agreat revolution in Computers field.
25GuetSoaxarGetBrunei Darussalam 
27Sadhana SharmaIndiaits really wonderfull
28Sadhana SharmaIndia sir/mam I also want to reister in Symposium.Kindly please allow me to attend this symposium. please inform me about seminaars also
29BM ShuklaIndiaSanskrit Sandhi Generator is not working correctly check with Nai + Akha: Naayakha: In some cases it does not produce output at all.
30varun kumarindiai want to show my students animated sanskrit story made by you. how is it possible.
31प्रियंका सोनकरभारतshubh Navaraatri శుభ నవరాత్రి
32piyush aggarwalindia computational skt work very good. i want to do something in computational sanskrit like as p.h.d work. plz guide me
33piyushindia computational skt work very good. i want to do something in computational sanskrit like as p.h.d work. plz guide me
34Pratik DuttaIndia 
36parveshgahlotindia ur doing good work sir
44DrearvemaDominican Republic 
46EscopsEnelpUnited Kingdom 
50JohanSweden After so many years study Sanskrit alone, full of mistakes and deviations, I see now all the hypothesis to go ahead and I am using all at my hand for yet be able to learn the more I can about.
53Anil kumarIndiaMy social philosophy may be said to be enshrined in three words: liberty, equality and fraternity. My philosophy has roots in religion and not in political science. I have derived them from the teachings of my master, the Buddha."
54IYKevinSpaceyUnited States 
61yogendraindia respected sir i want to know about next seminar.
65Chaitanyaa Pandyaaindia 
71tanonevebawСент-Винсент и Гренадины  
74praveenkumar pandeyIndia sir. i want to learn sanskrit language. so please tell me how we convert our hindi matter in to corrosponding sanskrit language. thank you
77Jwalant Natvarlal SonejiIndiaI have learned Sanskrit speaking, and really exited about the efforts by this website.
79krishnaindia hi
80Avinash SathayeU.S.A.I was pleasantly surprised to revisit your site after many years. I see immense progress and development of a large number of projects. Great job. May I offer one technical suggestion? The text box to enter input is too small to view the ligatures of Devnagari. Please enlarge it. I will be exploring various parts of your site over next several days(:-))
I just checked the subanta generator for the word नृ It produced many wrong entries. What is going on?
81Deepro ChakrabortyIndia 
83Mamta RajanUSA How do you enter half letter via the on-line keyboard. Instead I cut and pasted a sanskrit word to analyze Sandhi. I did not any answer. Please help
84Arun Kumarindia sir I want to project work with you. So kindly give me some work. presently I am doing M.phil from delhi university.
86naresh kumarindia अर्थोपसर्जनीभूतानभिधेयेषु केषुचित् । चरितार्थान् परार्थत्वान्न लोकः प्रतिपद्यते
88বিবেকানন্দ কুন্ডুভারত খুব ভাল হয়েছে ৷ কিন্ত্ ডেটা সুরক্ষিত করুন ৷ In multimedia e learning when quickly I mouse over english and sanskrit character then we hear multipe sound. এটা খুবই ভাল কাজ হয়েছে , সবাই খুব সহজে সংস্কৃত শিখতে পাড়বে ৷ ধন্যবাদ
89gopalkrishnanIndiaI Am Interested to learn various langauges
90kamchai anantasukhThailand Great job! its very useful for teaching&learning sanskrit. bahut bahut shukriya!
91मणिशंकर द्विवेदीINDIA सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चित् दुःखभाग्भवेत् ॥
93S. VAENKATESANINDIA Age: 76+. Was CSIR Emeritus Scientist. Formerly, Scientist, Central Building Research Institue, ROORKEE. Spending twilight years in study of Sanskrit, Vedas, and Hidu ways of life and worship.
94Rahul Anand SharmaINDIA All the best for your good work.
95leelaindia subanta generator is not giving correct results for sarvanamas like asmad, tad etc
96Muralidhar MaddalaSingapore 
97Chitresh SoniIndiaA fantastic piece of work, one of the greatest new innovations in the field, a very especial kind of job, inter-disciplinary, precise and inter-national in nature, but I guess now its the time to think again because the best is yet to be delievered. I wish you to despatch your work with ease.
98RAJESHWARINDIA may i help you
99ms kaushalyaIndia i want to know what is the benfit of the students and our socity.
101Aparna DhirINDIASir! you have done a remarkable job. We students and all SANSKRIT learners are highly obliged with your work. Its a great effort in the field of Sanskrit. With this, not even in India but in other countries too Sanskrit will definitely get popular and easily accessible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR!
103GracieFCombsUnited States  
104ajit kumarindia you are going guns. lage raho india
106akanksha shuklaindiarespected sir, i think u r doing great work regarding to our language sanskrit,but sir i cant understand i face some difficulty to use this please help me. Thanking u.
107Ashok YadavUSA 
108प्रा. प्रकाश रामकृष्ण खाडिलकरभारत Thank you very much for various resources made available to people like me. You are doing immortal work and it bring a lot of साधुवाद for you. धन्यवाद. पुनर्मिलामि
109NaimshIndia I am eager to acquire learning material to learn reach language Sanskrit, prefarable with the help of my Gujarati Knowledge.
110RAJAN RAIindiawe should be thinking that how sanskrit will be usefull in modern era, and the work is going on like that in j.n.u. thanks very much RAJAN
111venkatachalaIndia you are doing wonderful job for the teachers and also for sanskrit fields.
112jayanta madhav goswamiIndia It is an excellent work, which is going on under the noble guidence of respected Jha Sir...who I met in DPS,Dwarka.we are always with you in this noble path.I wish success of this work in every aspect.
113Shibu Kumar KIndia Sir, your work is wonderful sir. I am a skt teacher in K.V.Please send me sanskrit software free CD. I shall be thankfull to you
114Rekha PoddarIndia 
115prof.mrs.ramanaIndia Congrats ! Very happy for the Launch of sanskrit s.w tools & fonts. Extremely useful. Than q.
116Jayesh ThakkarIndia I am interestd to have the Sanskrit CD how can I have it?
117rajagopal t sindia 
118Aneesh DevasthaleIndia 
119Vishnu K GuptaIndia Please send the free software CDs on my mailing address.
120Devendra MishraIndia विद्यालयीय छात्राणाम् कृते भवतः प्रयासं तु अमूल्यम् एव ।
121Joyshree SutradharIndiaIt was Centre for Sanskrit Studies where I had my first exposure to the world of NLP. I will always remember the NLP classes we had with Dr. Girish Nath Jha.
122Prachi SinhaIndia 
123Dr. Abhishek Kumar Rajpalindia 
124AnurudhIndiaI am very appriciated that indian culture is advertising in world through Internet. it is a greatest step to going toward to hold post of VISHYAGURU.
125Khushali PurohitIndia Its a very useful site for Sanskrit students. I must say a great work done here. I like the combination of Past-Presant... ie. Sanskrit-Computer. Great work. Tnks. Regards, Khushali Purohit
126sangharsh chaturvediindia need user name password to learn sanskrit
128ममता त्रिपाठीभारत संगणकीय अनुवाद से निश्चय ही बहुत बडी क्रान्ति का सूत्रपात हुआ है । संस्कृत के क्षेत्र में विशेषकर संस्कृतज्ञों द्वारा किया गया यह सर्वथा नूतन अवदान है। इस महान् कार्य में सम्मिलित होन निश्चय ही मेरे लिये गर्व की बात है
129Dilip Kumar JaiswalINDIA I would like register my self in your reguler mailing list and would also like to know your recent outcome.
131vertika vermaindia 
132Gaurav kumar barickinida 
133somesh kumarindia 
135arun kumar tripathiINDIAsir I want to do post-doctoral research or project work with you. So kindly give me some work. presently I am in a government job in Allahabad.
136Jay SahaIndiaI feel myself extremely fortunate by being a part of the noble work done for the cause of Sanskrit in particular and for Indian culture in genral.
139बलदेवराम खन्दोलियांभारत संस्कृत जगत में आपके द्वारा जो कार्य किया जा रहा है वो एक अनुपम व सराहनीय कार्य है । इस कार्य से संस्कृत के क्षेत्र में नवीनता का समावेश तो होगा ही साथ ही इस क्षेत्र में काम करने के इच्छुक लोगों को आपके कार्य से प्रेरणा व सहायता मिलेगी । इस प्रेरणास्पद कार्य में सहोयागार्थ हम सभी आपके साथ हैं ।
140sweety raniIndia 
141Dr.Divya mishra India Good morning, Sir
142Madhav GopalIndia This site is very useful for Computational Sanskrit.I wish all success and prosperity!
144डा० दिव्या मिश्राभारत 
146vibhuti nath jha india shobhanam
147Prabhash Chandra MishraIndia 
148Satyendra Kumar ChoubeyIndia 
149rajkumar ranaindia 
150वसुंधरा एडगांवकरIndiaSince a retired teacher,now free and hope to do some special in the field of Indian languages
151K N Neelakantan ElayathIndia You are doing a great service to Sanskrit Studies by introducing new subjects like computational Sanskrit and other useful, modern and relevant subjects
152Rajneesh KumarIndia Very good work going in progress in the field of language technology under the supervision of Mr. Girish Natha Jha. I hope in future it will develop in positive way.
153Mukesh KumarINDIAGood luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity. Best of Luck!
154nikhil anand giriindia आप सराहनीय काम कर रहे हैं...बधाई...
156ashutosh dwivdiindia 
157सुरजीत कुमार सिंहIndiaद्वावुपादानशब्देषु शब्दौ शब्दविदो विदुः । एको निमित्तं शब्दानामपरोऽर्थे प्रयुज्यते ॥
158Dr Indrani KarIndiawe know that SANSKRIT is a computer-freindly language & JNU is doing excellent work on it.but it will be very helpful if u make us aware of this through workshops that we can show our students the new vista.
160RAJANindia this site will present a great opportunity for the students of sanskrit
161vivek sharmaindiaknowledge of sanskrit
162Dr. Jai Prakash GuptaBharat I attended the workshop held at S.d. College Ambala Cantt today. Shall try to remain in touch.
163डॉ. डिम्पल डोगराभारतवर्षमैं भी इस कार्य में अपना योगदान देने की इच्छुक हूँ.
165राजीव चन्‍द्र शर्माभारत कार्यशाला का एक अच्‍छा अनुभव।
166kamleshindia i am much happy to see your work
167Vivek KapoorIndia 
168Badri NarayananIndia I would like to learn the sanskrit completely ( grammer and usage )
169dilip kumar jaiswalIndia A great moment of fusion where modernity with powerful medium and tradition with liberating and blissful content come closer.
170Haimanti BhattacharyyaIndia Sir, I want to know that, can I take this course "Online"?
171shibukumar KIndia Good
172madhvapati ramachandra raoIndia स्वस्ति। विशेषतः सर्वविदां समाजे विभूषणं मौनमपण्डितानां इत्युक्त्या अपण्डितेन मया तूष्णीं भवितव्यं युक्तं। किंतु कामातुराणां न भयं न लज्जा इत्युक्त्या च संस्कृते बद्धानुरागिणः मम साहसं सोढुमर्हन्ति भवन्तः। सर्वहितैषिणीं संस्कृतभाषां सङ्गणकाद्यभिनवोपकरणैः सर्वजनान्‌ रोचयितुं भवतां उद्यमः अतिश्लाघनीयः। वेदद्रष्टृभिरेव अवगतं वैदिकसंस्कृतं सज्जनानां हितार्थाय पाणीनीयसंस्कृतरूपेण उदभूत्‌ इति मे मतिः। एवमेव श्रेयस्कामानां आधुनिकजनानां हितार्थाय पाणिनीयसंस्कृतमपि सरलीकृत्य विचक्षणैः भवद्भिः प्
173sangeeta sagardelhi 
174sunita sahuindian 
175shaurabh bhartiindia 
176sahib singhindian 
177Dharm Singh RathoreIndia 
178devkishanindia i am interested to know about new changes in sanskrit
179Arimardan Kumar TripathiIndia It is appreciable initiation taken by this center. Nothing could be a better idea to promote Sanskrit.
180Rahmat YousufzaiIndiaamazing work. wish to have Urdu also as a part of the Kosh
181yogeshwar shuklaINDIANow in this time,I am doing Ph.D on the topic of astadhyayi ki sangadakanurupata.
182venkataIndia Sir, NAMASTE Iam adoing M.phil sanskrit in PONDICHERRY University. I am so interested about this programme. I am so happy now because today i learned some thing through this website. PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS for this programme.
183shalini.rindiaGREAT WORK!!
184Sanal VikramIndia 
185vaishaliindia i am MA in Sanskrit.and want to do Mphil. PLEASE send Information
186Sumitra ChaudharyIndiaInformation Regarding Books On Chattrapati Shivaji
187bhav sharmaindia you are doing great work.In the comming days sanskrit is going to contribute a lot to artificial intelligence
188दिवाकर मिश्रभारतवाक्यपदीय में अन्तःक्षेत्रीय अध्ययन के विषय में कहा गया है कि- प्रज्ञा विवेकं लभते भिन्नैरागमदर्शनैः | कियद् वा शक्यमुन्नेतुं स्वतर्कमनुधावता | यह कार्य स्वभाव से ही अन्तःक्षेत्रीय (inter-disciplinary) है |
189ashutoshindia i will love to be the part of this whole project and wishes to understand how we can serve humanity by sanskrit and means of preservation i.e. computer
190Manji BhadraIndiaअज्ञानतिमिरान्धस्य ज्ञानाञ्जनशलाकया । चक्षुरुन्मीलितं येन तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥
192Avinash SathayeU.S.A. 40503 You have an excellent site. However, May I suggest that you create an interface so a user can input words without opening a special unicode entry system. There are several encoding schemes which serve well. Compare with the CD version of Monier Williams dictionary. Thank you.
193VijendraIndia The Site is wonderful and will serve Indian Language Technology to leapfrog, Particularly with the strong support of Sanskrit Language. These tools will become basis for other IL Tool designs
194MuktanandIndiaन सोऽस्ति प्रत्ययो लोके यः शब्दानुगमादृते । अनुविद्धमिव ज्ञानं सर्वं शब्देन भासते ॥
196Neha GoyalIndia I got this link through searching. Excellent work in the filed of Sanskrit !!!!!!!! This is the ultimate way to promote Sanskrit student for Studying Sanskrit.I have checked all link that is very good work. I was facing some problem like all Dissertations is in PDF format, so it is taking lot of time in opening please change it or convert in HTML. शोध-क्षेत्र के बारे में (मतलब कितने कार्य इस क्षेत्र मे हो चुकें हैं, कितनें किये जा सकतें हैं और कहाँ-कहाँ इस प्रकार के कार्य हो रहे हैं, जहाँ
197Gautam KumarIndiaGreat Work done!!! If the website has Hindi version would render a great service for the Hindi langauge users. It would be again a great help for Indonesian sanskrit scholars if the whole website has Indonesian version as they hardly use English langauge.
198दिवाकर मणिभारतबहुशोभनमस्ति. संस्कृताध्ययनं प्रति प्रेरयिष्यति इदमन्तर्जालम् .
199Subhash ChandraIndia 
200Girish Nath JhaIndia अनादिनिधनं ब्रह्म शब्दतत्त्वं यदक्षरम् । विवर्ततेऽर्थभावेन प्रक्रिया जगतो यतः ॥ (Bhartrhari, Vak 1.1)

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