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Author : Sarvesh Kumar & Preeti Varma
Center : Sanskrit Center, JNU
Course : Structure and History of Sanskrit Language, Special Center for Sanskrit Studies,J.N.U.
Semester : Winter09
Under the supervision of : Dr. Girish Nath Jha

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Base Word Meaning
नुरथAperson of yadav patronymics.
द्रिकाDaughter of Uparichara,king of Chedi,by an apsaras named Satyati.
नलthe name of Agni.
लर्कThe name of a place.
भिरूपाIT'S meaning is KAMA
गस्त्यa famous RISHI.
तलIt's meaning Patala.
ब्जयोनिCreator of world named BRAHMA
मरुthe writter of AMARU-SHATAKA.
द्रिस्यन्तीA vedic RISHI named PARASHARA.
म्बुराजThe lord of water named Varuna.
ग्नेयस्त्रThe weapon of fire,given by BHARADWAJA to agnivesha.
नुपमाThe elephant of the west or south west quarter.
र्हA daitya,which killed by Indra.
र्द्राThe arrow reamains in the sky in the sixth lunar mansion called Ardra.
नन्त-सयनThe term is also applied to Vishnu and other deities.
रिश्ताA daitya, and son of Bali, who attacked Krishna in the form of a savage bull,and was slain by him.
श्वपतिLord of horses. An appellation of many kings
योनिजाThe name of Devi Seeta.
क्रोधनA king of Puru-Vamsha.
न्धकरिपुshiva obtained the appellation Andhaka-ripu, foe of Andhaka.
कचA devil whose name is KETU.
रुणोदArunoda is a river on the east.It is part of Mansa.
मराद्रिA fabulous mountain in the navel or centre of the earth named MERU.
ग्निFIRE, one of the most ancient and most sacred objects of HINDU DHARMA.
वन्तिस्A name of Ujjayini, one of the sevan sacread cities.
ब्धिनागरीKingdom of krishna named DWARAKA
लम्बुशाA great rakshasa worsted by Satyaki in the great war of the Mahabharata.
श्वIt means horse.
ष्टककर्णThe name of Brahma.
धिरथA charioteer.The foster father of KARNA
श्रुविन्दुमतीTo excite apassion in the breast of Yayati.
ग्निवेसA sage the son of AGNI and an early writter on medicine.
नुशासन-पर्वThe part of mahabharat.
ंशThe name of Aditya.
भयदA king of Puru-Vamsha.
शरस्The name of aRaksshasas.
नेनस्A king of Surya-Vansa.
ब्जCreator of world named BRAHMA
नंगThe name of KAMA,god of love.
ग्रसन्धानीYAMA,restrainer Pluto minos.
श्वमेधि का पर्वBook of the Ashwa-medha, Yudhishthiras performance of the horse sacrifice.
द्वैतit is a principal created by MADHAVA.
न्जनThe elephant of the west or south west quarter.
म्बिकाA sister of rudra named chamunda.
श्मनAshmana is also called Aruna.
ंग-अनुthe country of bengal proper about Bhagalpur.
श्मकSon of Madayanti.
हीनरSon of Udayan, the king of Kaushambi.
र्चनानस्Father of Syavashwa,both were vedic rishis.
सितांगThe Bhairavas are eight inferior forms or manifestations of Siva, In which a Asitanga, black limbed.
श्रपस्The dakinis are also called Ashrapas 'blood drinkers'.
मृताहरणA mythical bird or vulture, half-man,half-bird on which Vishnu rides called Garuda.
नुवाकDivine knowledge. The vedas are the holy books which are the foundation of the Hindu religion.
युष्मान्Son of uttanapad.
रुणिVaja-shravas oraruni,the father of Nachiketas.
श्विंस्Two vedic deities,twin sons of the sun or the sky called ASHWIN
हिन्सA dharma of NARA-NARAYANA.
नन्तA name of the serpent shesha.
तिथिDynashty of Ayodhya.
भ्रमातंगIT'S meaning is LOKA PAL
षड्-ङ्गस्Another name of Vedangas, 6 subjects necessary to be studied for the reading,understanding and proper sacrificial employement of the Vedas.
श्विनीThe name of a deva.
निलिThe patronymics of Hanumat.
क्षThe eldest son of RAVANA slain by Hanuman.
खुरथThe son of shiva named GANESHA.
स्रिकपसThe name of a rakshakas.
र्यमन्Aryaman is aAdityas.
ब्जहस्तIt's meaning is AGNI
शनिName of Shiva.
द्धवर्युA priest whose business. It is to recite the prayers of the YAJUR-VEDA.
स्रपस्The name of a rakshakas.
ग्निभूKARTTIKEYA is called Agnibhu and gangaja.
सिपत्रIt is related by Narak.
नन्यजThe name of kamdev.
निमिशाचार्यThe preceptor of the gods he is called Brihaspati.
रण्य-काण्डA part of Ramayan.
घोरThe name of lord SHIVA.
ध्यायThe minium part of veda.
न्धकव्रिश्णिA grand son of kroshtri and son of yudhajit of the yadava race,who together with his brother Vrishni is the ancestor of the celebreated family of Andhaka-vrishnis.
योध्याकाण्डThe part of Ramayan.
हनाname of Ushas.
धर्मUnrighte ousness vice personified as ason of Brahama and called the destroyer of all beings
न्गारकAngaraka was the son of shiva and earth and as son of the earth is called MANGALA.
घ्रिणिAghrini is called pusan.
मूर्तरजस्Dharmaranya is a city mentioned in the Ramayana as founded by amurta-rajas,son of Kusha.
परितAparita is a country in the Vayu-purana which known Aparanta.
नन्ताName of a devi.
श्लेषाभवIt is name of Ketu.
सुरसThe breath of prajapati became alive, and with that breath he created the Asuras.
ंशुA king of yadavs.
सितSani is also Asita,'the dark'.
निलThe wind.
भ्रोत्थWEAPON of Indra named VAJRA
मर्शThe nature of humen.
हिA serpent, A name of vritra , The vedic demon of drought.
ग्निवर्णA king of raghuvansh.
गस्तिA RISHI the reputed author of several hymns in the RIG-VEDA.
रुण-जटायुRed rosy, the dawn ,personified as the charioteer of the sun.
भिमानी-The wife of AGNI whose name was SWAHA
वराThe name of a Devi.
भ्रपिसाचA devil,whose name is RAHU
मृतImmortal,a god, the water of life.
यनघोषHusband of Radha, acowherd.
र्हपतिThe name of Surya.
सिक्नीThe vedic name of Chinab.
ष्टाध्यायीAn epic,written by Panini.
The father of Dasharatha and grandfather of Ram.
रवरीवत्Son of kshama and Pulaha.
द्रिजाName of a devi.
यनThe name of Narayana.
न्धतामिस्रA place named NARAKA.
नुशरस्A rakshasa or other demon.
ंगराजThe king of Anga named karan.
नुरुThe name of aruna.