Kumar Nripendra Pathak

Research Scholar
Special Centre for sanskrit Studies
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi - 110067 (INDIA)
Mob: +91-9958537244
e-mail: nri.pathak@gmail.com,

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 14th December 1985.

Father’s Name: Sri Kashi Nath Pathak

Address: Bhagalpur Road, Dudhani, Dumka, Jharkhand-814101, India.

Educational Qualification:


Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for Disabled (provided by the Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India).

Research Interest:

Natural Language Processing  & Paninian Framework

Machine Translation, Language Processing tools and e-learning resources for Sanskrit,

Comparative linguistics (Sanskrit-Hindi Syntax)

Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research in Sanskrit

Revival of Sanskrit Studies: Issues and challenges

Languages Known:

Hindi, English, Sanskrit

Work Experience:

2 years’ work experience as linguist in the DIT funded project “Development of Sanskrit Computational Toolkit and Sanskrit-Hindi Machine Translation System” at Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU Delhi.


International Publication

  1. Sanskrit-Hindi Machine Translation: Challenges in Noun Phrase Mapping (2012) LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany ISBN-13:978-3659125027

National Publication

  1. वागुल्लासः (प्रथमः भागः), विद्यानिधि प्रकाशन (2014), नई दिल्ली – ISBN- 9789380651781 (Co-authored)
  2. मृतभाषा और संस्कृत, विद्यानिधि प्रकाशन (2016) – ISBN- 9789385539206

Research Papers (Peer reviewed)

  1. Challenges in NP case-mapping in Sanskrit Hindi Machine translation (co-author: Girish Nath Jha) in C. Singh ed.al. (Eds.): ICISIL 2011, CCIS 139 pp.289-293.2011. @Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelber 2011.
  1. A Generic Search for Heritage Texts ((co-author: Girish Nath Jha) in Human Language Technologies as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics (proceedings of the 6th LTC) Zygmunt Vetulani & Hans Uszkoreit (ed), pp 504-508, Fundacja, Uniwersytetu im. A. Mickiewicza, Poznan, Poland, 2013
  1. Challenges in Sanskrit-Hindi Adjective Mapping, in G N Jha (Eds.): Workshops on Indian Languages and Data: Resources and Evaluation, pp-97-101, 2012 (in the Proceedings of 8th International conference on Language Resource and Evaluation LREC’2012 held at Istanbul, 21-27 May 2012).
  1. Issues in Mapping of Sanskrit-Hindi Verb forms, Girish Nath Jha (Eds.) 2nd Workshop on Indian Language Data: Resources and Evaluation, Reykjavic, Iceland (Under LREC-2014), ISBN- 978-2-9517408-8-4, pp-90-93.
  1. Verb Mapping: A Dilemma in Sanskrit-Hindi Machine Translation, in 3rd Workshop on Indian Language Data: Resources and Evaluation under LREC 2016, Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, ISBN 978-2-9517408-9-1, pp-60-64.  

Paper Presentations

International Conference

  1. “Transfer Grammar for Sanskrit-Hindi Machine Translation” Presented in the 15th World Sanskrit Conference New Delhi 5-10 January 2012.

National Conference:

  1. “वर्तमान भारतीय परिस्थिति एवं सामूहिक राष्ट्रीय सुख-सम्पदा की अवधारणा” presented in the conference titled Restructuring Gross National Happiness Index – Issues and Challenge  held at Sanatan Dharma college, Ambala cantt. on 17th Nov 2012.

Conference Organized:

  1. “Prathama-nikhila-Sanskritacchaatra-sammelanam” (1st Sanskrit Student’s Conference) held on 6-7 Sept 2012 at Special centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU.

Workshops Conducted (As Resource Person):

  1. One Month Workshop on Computational Sanskrit (from 17th Oct -20th Nov, 2012) at Sanatan Dharma College, Ambala cantt. [Under UGC Sponsored Educational Innovation Scheme].
  1. 3 days National Workshop on Computational Sanskrit (11-13 Nov, 2011) at Sanatan Dharma College, Ambala cantt.
  1. 3 days National Workshop on Computational Sanskrit (from 27 Oct-29 Oct, 2010) at Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar.

Workshops Attended:

  1. Workshop on Sanskrit and Computer: Getting equipped to face new challenges (19-24 Dec, 2009) held in Dept. of Sanskrit Studies, Hyderabad University.
  1. Workshop on Karaka Tagging for the Development of Sanskrit Computational Tool-kit and Sanskrit-Hindi Machine Translation System from 24-7-2010 to 26-7-2010 held in Sanskrit Academy, Hyderabad.
  1. National Workshop on Vakyapadiya conducted by Prof Ashok N Aklujkar, (Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia), held in Delhi University, during 12-18 January 2012.
  1. Workshop on Sharada Script held in SCSS/JNU during 8-10 Nov, 2013.

Article(s) in Newspaper:

  1. भाषा-संस्कृति एवं शिक्षण-पद्धति (co-authored article, 26th Jan, 2014, खबर-मन्त्र, रांची संस्करण p-7).

Co-curricular Activities:


Social Responsibility: