Shallow Parser Tools for Indian Languages (SPT-IL)

SPT-IL Languages, Consortium members and Principal Investigators

The main aim of this project is to build sophisticated Shallow Parser Tools for Indian languages (Hereafter, SPT-IL) which are essential for Indian Language Technology Development. SPT-IL includes Morphological Analyzer (MA), Parts of Speech (POS) Tagger and Chunker. Since Indian languages are noted for their morphological richness, Morphological Analyzer is considered as an indispensible tool for language technology development. In addition, the development of POS Tagger and Chunker are significant in their role to identify the syntactic roles of constituents in a sentence.
This Project helps to develop well equipped, theoretically satisfiable practically usable shallow parser tools to be used as basic tool of Language Technology for the following languages:

Languages under SPTOOLS Project
Assamese                    Bodo                    Dogri

Gujarati                    Kashmiri                    Konkani

Maithili                     Manipuri                   Nepali

Odia                    Santhali

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