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Dr. Utpal Sharma

PI for Assamese

Associate Professor, Deptt of Computer Science and Engineering, Tezpur University, Napaam – 784028, Assam


Affiliation: Tezpur University, as a Associate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering. Joined in 1998 as a lecturer. Previously with CDoT, New Delhi for over four years.
Area of Research: Natural Language Processing, since 1999.
Title of PhD work- “Unsupervised acquisition of morphology of a highly inflectional language”.
Student supervision- there are 3 PhD students currently working on NLP under Dr Utpal Sharma, besides couple of MTech students. These work include, parsing, named entity recognition, development of Assamese WordNet, spell checker, PoS tagging, speech processing, etc. Another PhD student is working in the area of network security, under the supervision of Dr Utpal Sharma.
Educational Qualification:
PhD Tezpur University 2007 Computer Science MS Birla Instt. of Tech. & Sc. Pilani 1998 Software Systems
BE Dibrugarh University 1991 Comp.Sc.& Engg.
Important Publications
1. Sharma, Utpal and Kalita, Jugal K and Das, Rajib K. "Acquisition of Morphology of an Indic Language from Text Corpus". ACM Transactions of Asian Language Information rocessing (TALIP), vol 7, no. 3, article 9, p 1- 33, August 2008.
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3. Sharma, Utpal and Kalita, Jugal K and Das, Rajib K. "Unsupervised Learning of morphology for Building a Lexicon for Highly Inflectional Language". Morphological and Phonological Learning: Proceedings of the 6th Workshop of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology (SIGPHON), Philadelphia, July 2002, ACL, pp 1-10
4. Sharma, Utpal and Kalita, Jugal K and Das, Rajib K. "Classification of Words Based on Affix Evidence". International Conference on Natural Language Processing, ICON-2002, Mumbai, December 18-21, 2002, Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd., New Delhi, pp 31-39
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