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Dr. Swarna Prabha Chainary

PI for Bodo

Associate Professor, Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University, GNB Nagar, Jalukbari Gauhati-781014

Educational qualification: MA, LLB, PhD

Researh Interest
Tibeto-Burman languages and linguistics, translation and criticism

Invited Lectures
i) Delivered 4 lectures at the Refresher Course in English and Comparative Literature conducted by Depts. of Garo & English, NEHU, Tura Campus on 14th & 15th March, 2011
ii) Delivered a lecture at LDC-IL workshop held at Gauhati University on the topic on Morphology and Boro Morphology on 1st Feb. 2012
iii)Visiting Professor, Dept. of Garo, NEHU, Tura Campus 2012 (MA 3rd sem. on Languages of North-East and PhD Course work on Typology of Tibeto-Burman Languages in North East)
iv) Delivered a lecture at the Refresher Course on Compartive Literature held on May 31, 2012 at Academic Staff College, Gauhati University
v) Deliverd two lectures on Boro language and culture at the Refresher Course in Tribal Studies on 14/12-2009 & 01/01/2010 at Academic Staff College, GU
vi)Deliverd a lecture on Relevance of Tagore in Present Days at Srikishan Sarda College, Hailakandi on 18th of Feb. 2012

Research Papers/Articles
a) The Journal of the Assam Research Society,Guwahati, Vol-xxxiv, Nos-1& 2, 1995, published in 2001, p-229, Topic: Boro and Garo Phonology: A Brief Note
b) Journal of the Department of M I L, G.U, Vol-2, 2001-02, pp-102-112, Topic: Numerals in Boro and Garo: A Brief Note
c) -Do-, Vol-3, 2002-03, pp-79-83 Topic: Causative Formation in Boro: An Analysis
d)The Journal of the Assam Research Society, Guwahati, Prof. H K Barpujari Commemoration Volume, Vol. xxxvii, Nos 1&2, 2005, Topic: Some Observations on Special Phonemic Features of the Tibeto-Burman Group of Languages Books
  A) Self- creation: 07     i) Boro Phaothaini Bizirnai (Criticism on Boro Drama), 2002, Published by Divya Prakashan, Panbazar, Guwahati-1, Reference Book for Bodo Major,GU
    ii) Raoni Mohor(Structure of Language, part-I), 1st edition,2004, Gumur Publication, Dhirenpara Tilla, Guwahati,2nd edition,2009, Ansumoi Library, Kokrajhar, Reference Book for Bodo Major, GU
    iii)Raoni Mohor (Structure of language, part-II), 2008, Nilima Prakashani, Baganpara
    iv)Boro Rawkhanthi (Boro Grammar), 1st edition, 2006, 2nd revised edition, 2008, 3rd edition, 2011
    v) Boro Solomani Bizirnay (Criticism on Boro novel), 2009, Gumur Publication, Garchuk, Guwahati-781035
    vi) Raoni Mohor (Structure of language, Part-III), 2011, Ansumoi Library, Kokrajhar
    vii) Thunlaini Phithika (collection of articles on different aspects of literature), Nilima Prakashani, Baganpara, 2011
  B) Translated-6
    i) Benjamin Franklin (Translated from Assamese), 2002, Published by Bharati Book Stall, Golaghat, accepted as Rapid Reader by SEBA for class-x Vide Letter No. SEBA/ AB/15/84/ (PT-11) 751-795. dt.13.4.2002
    ii) Etoa Mundaya Daohayao Derhabay (Etoa Munda won the Battle, translated from English), Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2001
    iii) Dwngse Khwiphwdni Solo (A Tale of Trouble, translated from English), Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2002
    iv) Khebse Gongse Gamiao (Once in a Village, translated from original English), Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2002
    v) Zwngni Buhum (Amar Prithibi), Translated from original Assamese Version, Published by K.K. Brahma & Deben Ch. Deka, Dhamdhama, Nalbari, 2003
    vi) Nwizise Sungdo Solo (translation of RN Tagore’s 21 short stories in to Boro language), 2009, Sahitya Akademi

Edited Books/Journals
i) Journal of the Department of Bodo, Vol-1, 2009-10
ii) Boro Sungdo Soloni Bwhwithi Dahar, Sahitya akademi, 2011 Contribution to books
i) Viswakos: Encyclopaedia in Assamese, vol-viii (Society & Culture Issue), February, 2005, Topic: Kherai
ii) Tulanamulak Bhasa Adhyayan: Dept. of Assamese, Dibrugarh University, March, 2006, Topic: Boro-Garo Xogotriya Bhasat Nayarthakota
iii) 1857, Navjagaran aur Bhartiya Bhasayen, Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra, 2008, Topic: Garo Bhasa Ka Atit Aur Vartman
iv) Axamiya Aru Axamar Bhasa, Aank-Baak, Dec. 2010, Topic: A study on Garo language
v) Universally Loved Reception of Tagore in North-East India, Progressive Publishers, Kolkata, 2012, Topic: Reception of Rabindranath Tagore and his Translated Works in Bodo
vi) Member, Management Committee, Institute of Distance and Open Learning (Bodo), Gauhati University
vii) Member, Advisory Committee, Community Radio Station, IDOL, GU (from 2011)
viii) Member, Institute Advisory Committee, Gauhati University Institute of North East India Studies
ix) Convener, CCS, Bodo for CBSE from 2010
x) University Representative to the Governing Body of Salbari College, Baksa for three years from 2011

Organized Seminar/Workshops
1.Comparative Study on the Boro-Garo Group of languages of North-East India, 8th -9th Feb. 2010, Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University and CIIL, Mysore
2. Conducted Refresher Course-III in Bodo from 26-04-2010to 16-05-2010 at Academic Staff College, GU
3. Literary Confluence and Bodo Literature, 2nd Nov. 2011, Dept. of Bodo, GU and Sahitya Akademi
4. Joint Coordinator, Workshop for translation of bangle Short Stories to Bodo, 9th -10th March, 2010
5. Joint Coordinator, seminar on North-East India as a Diverse Tribal Languge Belt, 2nd -4th Feb. 2011, Gauhati University Institute of North East Studies
6. Joint Coordinator, Globalization and Hindi, 26th -27th march, 2012, Dept. of Bodo and Hindi, Gauhati University and Kendriya Hindi Sansthan
7.Social Realities as Reflected in Bodo Literature through the Ages, Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University and Sahitya Akademi, 17th Oct. 2012

Involvement in Projects:
1. Coordinator and Editor, North-East India Folk-Literature Project(Bodo), Kendriya Hindi Sansthan
2.Member, LIS, Bodo

Awards and Honors
1.Jury Member, Sahitya Akademi translation Award for Bodo, 2008
2.Jury Member, Sahitya Akademi Award for Bodo, 2011
3.Chaired a session of the seminar on Socio-Economic Life as Reflected in Bodo Literature held at Rangia College on 17th Oct. 2011
4.Chaired a session of the seminar on Dr. Bhupen Hazarika his Contribution to the Nation held at Gauhati University of North East India Studies on 26th May 2012
5. Awarded Sahitya Akademi translation Award (Bodo) 2012

Supervision of Research Students
MPhil- 02 (supervised)
PhD-06 (supervising)