Sanskrit Karaka Analysis (संस्कृत-कारक-विश्लेषण)

The Sanskrit Karaka Analyzer was developed as part of doctoral research by Sudhir K Mishra (Ph.D. 2002-2007) under the supervision of Dr. Girish Nath Jha. This module is still in the final stages of development. Please come back for latest upgrades. The Devanagari input mechanism has been developed in Javascript by Satyendra Kumar Chaube, Dharm Singh Rathore and Dr. Girish Nath Jha.

Enter text for karaka analysis (कारक-विश्लेषण हेतु संस्कृत पाठ्य दें) using adjacent keyboard OR Use our inbuilt iTRANS-Devanagari unicode converter for fast typing