Dr. S.Rajendran (एस. राजेन्द्रन)


Department of Linguistics, Tamil University, Thanjavur, India




Proficiency in Languages: Can speak, read and write: Tamil, Malayalam, English, Hindi *Number of Research Projects/Works completed: 15 *The Research Projects at hand:1. ILIL Machine Translation system - funded by MCIT, Govt. of India.2. ILCI project – funded by MCIT, Govt. of Inda.3. Generative Lexicon from MRDS in Tamil – funded by UGC.Number of Papers Published:Total 70,International 20, National 50 Number of books published=5 Research Guidance: Number of M.Phill Students guided=25 Number of M.Phill Students under supervision=6 Number of Ph.D. Students guided=10 Number of Ph.D. Students under supervision=10 Specialization: 1. Computational linguistics: Machine Translation, Corpus Linguistics, Computational Lexical Semantics.