22nd International Vedanta Congress
(JNU, Dec27-30, 2015)
Information on poster presentation and award

22 Vedanta is inviting one page poster proposals by email to 22vedanta@gmail.com. 10 posters will be selected for presentation and publication. Best 3 posters will be selected for award

The authors of selected posters will be required to bring their poster as per the format and sample given below

Guidelines for poster preparation and presentation

How to make a Poster

1- The size of poster should be 48x36 square inch.
2- Poster should present the content of the paper through most visual mediums like charts, diagrams, figures and pictures. Avoid explanatory text in the poster and leave it for presenting in front of audience.
3- Above all, put your paper title, then author(s) and their affiliation(s) and email.
4- Below this, keep brief abstract or summary of the paper in top left corner.
5- After this, arrange the objects/items of your presentation. You can arrange the matter according to the headings in the paper.
6- It will be better if you keep it colourful, visual and clearer.
7- Orientation of the paper should be portrait, not landscape (long, not flat).

Download sample posters from the links below (use 'save target as')

Poster Sample 1 in word format
Poster Sample 2 in pdf format

How to present a Poster

1- Authors will bring their posters printed with them. The space to place the poster will be provided at the conference venue.
2- The poster sessions will run parallel to oral sessions with duration of one and half hour. Poster should be affixed on the given space before the start of the poster session.
3- Please prepare 10 minute oral presentation of your poster to introduce it to the audience.
4- The presenter will be present during the session to answer the querries of the audience.
5- Authors will remove their posters towards the ed of the poster session

Three best posters will be selected for award

Contact Atul Kumar Ojha at shashwatup9k@gmail.com for any query on posters