Great Andamanese Verb Analyzer

The "Great Andamanese Verb Analyzer" is a result of the research carried out by Narayan Kumar Choudhary (M.Phil. 2004-2006) under the supervision of Prof. Anvita Abbi and Dr. Girish Nath Jha for the award of M.Phil. degree. The coding for the application was done by Dr. Girish Nath Jha.

Enter Andamanese verb forms for analysis
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Results of the Tagger

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ABBREVIAIONS: 1=First Person 2=Second Person 3=Third Person AUX=Auxiliary CAUS=Causative CL=Clitic CLSM=Class Marker Consonant or Thematic Consonant COND=Conditional EXIST=Existential EXCL=Exclusive HABIT=Habitual IMP=Imperative INCL=Inclusive IND=Indicative NEG=Negative NPST=Non-Past OBJ=Object PCPL=Participle PL=Plural PREF=Prefix PST=Past PROH.NEG=Prohibitive Negative REFL=Reflexive SG=Singular STAT=Stative SUBJ=Subject SUFF=Suffix VL=Verb Lexeme VR=Verb Root

Results of the Debugger